Taco Cart

30 Guest ($450) Minimum for our taco stand. Each additional guest is $15. We’re serve for 1.5 hours for under 50 guest. Above 50 guest we serve for 2 hours. If additional time is needed its $55 an hour. We don’t offer additional hours for 30 person events.


There is nothing basic about this traditional mexican dish

Meats: Steak, Chicken, Pork (Al Pastor)

4 Tacos per guest

4 Quarts Rice

4 Quarts Beans

24 Cheese Quesadillas made to order.

Condiment Bar: Corn tortillas, Mild Green Salsa, Hot Red Salsa, Crema (Spanish Sour Cream), Limes, Cheese (5lbs), onions, cilantro, chips, plates, napkins and forks.

Carne asada

Marinated steak


Fresh grilled marinated chicken

Al pastor

Mouthful of delicious flavorful marinated pork

Grilled skirt steak

(Additional Fees Apply)

$14 a Person


Marinated beef


(Additional Fees Apply)

$12 a Person


We cover all emergencies

Chips and salsa

Chips and homemade salsa $1 per person


Minimum order is 20 Guest $20

Grilled veggies

Freshly cut and grilled veggies $1 per person


Minimum order is 20 Guest $20

911 guacamole

Small guacamole serves 30 people & large serves 45-50 people – market price

25 quesadillas

25 quesadillas with mozzarella cheese and your choice of meat


Summer pico

$40 for a large serves 45-50 $20 for small serves 30



Choice of Red Chili Pork or Green Chili and Cheese

$25 a dozen


Traditional churros $3 per person


Grilled corn

Grilled corn


Shrimp Ceviche

$25/ pound


Fresly made aguas

3 gallons serve 30-45 people horchata\ hibiscus\ limeanade\watermelon

We have other flavors upon request.

911 salsas

Roasted tomatillo

avocado salsa

red chili salsa

fresh lava rock salsa